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Sportsman Bonus Fund and Comp WFO Qualifying

Sponsored by Owens Corning and RoofTec
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Award Money




D4 Champion | $50,000.00
Runner Up | $25,000.00
3rd Place | $15,000.00
4th Place | $15,000.00
5th Place | $12,500.00
6th Place | $12,500.00
7th Place | $12,500.00
8th Place | $12,500.00
9th Place | $10,000.00
10th Place | $10,000.00



Super Stock D4 Champion | $10,000.00

Stock Eliminator D4 Champion | $10,000.00

Super Comp D4 Champion | $10,000.00

Super Gas D4 Champion | $10,000.00

Super Street D4 Champion | $10,000.00

Top Dragster D4 Champion | $10,000.00

Top Sportsman D4 Champion | $10,000.00

Sportsman Motorcycle D4 Champion | $5,000.00


A-Field Winner | $1,000.00

B-Field Winner | $500.00

A-Field Runner-Up | $500.00

B-Field Runner-Up | $250.00

Grey Round Patterns

About SBF

Basic Rules

COMPETITION ELIMINATOR: There are currently 6 D4 Events scheduled for 2021. Competition Eliminator Racers will be required to run 5 of the 6. This rule only applies to Comp Racers. The money will be doled out based on division points for those who claimed Division 4 (required) and if you attend 5 out of the 6 D4 events (so if you are secure in your points by August and skip on the last 2 or 3 races, you will not be eligible for any reward offered by the fund). This is not associated with NHRA or Lucas Oil, so these rules will not affect your standing in either organization, just your eligibility for this fund specifically.


OTHER CATEGORIES: This includes Super Stock, Stock Eliminator, Super Comp, Super Gas, Super Street, Top Dragster, Top Sportsman and Sportsman Motorcycle, there is no event requirement, the money will be distributed as a bonus check to each Division 4 winner at the conclusion of the season.

The $250K for this program is guaranteed by ROOFTEC. The future of this program (2022 and beyond) will be supported by everyone’s purchases of Owens Corning Roofing Products (beginning in February 1st, 2021) throughout the country. All Owens Corning Roofing Product purchases will qualify and will support this program. Residential Re-roofs, New Home Construction, Re-roofing (apartment complexes), and Commercial Projects (i.e. Hotels and Motels)

The more Owens Corning products purchased through this program the bigger the Bonus Fund will get. All Owens Corning purchases must be verified and documented. Everyone, homeowners, contractors and builders should email a copy of your paid invoice, and we will contact you if you need anything else. Eventually we will have a promo number for homeowners and a registration number for builders and contractors, and we will let y'all know when that's available.

This is a simple idea and is very easy to support. If you or someone you know are getting a home re-roofed or buying a new home tell your contractor or builder you want them to use Owens Corning Roofing Products. If you're a purchasing agent or a general contractor use Owens Corning Roofing products on your homes and projects. If you’re an architect specify Owens Corning Roofing products. Also remember RoofTec will roof any project within 100 miles of Houston!

Red Balls of Fire

About WFO

Basic Rules

Comp is WFO


The program will showcase Competition Eliminator Qualifying at Divisional 4 Events in 2021, handicap tree and racing to the stripe WFO "what Competition Eliminator should be" no tightening the stripe, pairings of competitor's close in performance

1st Round:

Pairing of Comp competitors in both qualifying sessions on Saturday based on the Friday qualifying sheet from bottom to top. NOTE: If you are not on the Friday sheet and do not let us know you want to compete by 8:00 Saturday morning, you will not be included in the bracket. Uses a handicap tree based off your index (class or PI). You will run it W.F.O. to the stripe in order to win, red-light is in effect and the winner is whoever crosses first with no CIC between rounds. Whether you win or lose this round will determine what field you are placed in for the final round.


Winners of this round will be placed in A-Field for the final session with other winners for a chance at the A-field winnings.

Non-Winners will be placed in B-Field for final session, with other non-winners for a chance at the B-field winnings.

These pairings will follow the Friday bracket, just split up in quads with the winners and non-winners.


2nd Round:

A-Field winners - Must win both rounds, add together total under the index from both sessions and the most combined under the index is the A-Field Winner and 2nd most combined under the index is the A-Field Runner Up


B-Field Winners - Must have lost 1st round and won 2nd round, add together total under the index from both sessions and the most combined under the index is the B-Field Winner and 2nd most combined under the index is the B-Field Runner Up




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